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WeANDSF central database and data intelligence module serves as the WeANDSF knowledge management point, facilitating better connection decisions based upon collected and analyzed data. Data includes: historical performance information, congested areas and user preferences, additionally WeFi holds the world's largest ever-growing database of qualified Wi-Fi hotspots.

WeFi releases interesting analytics data, please stay tuned for updates.

3G/Wi-Fi data consumption

3G/Wi-Fi Data Consumption levels PC (Notebook/netbook) Vs. Smartphone (Android Devices).

Feb, 2012

Data Usage by Laptop | Netbook

Most laptop users don't use cellular data cards: 96% of laptops don't have any 3G data usage, compared to 30% of Android smart phones.

Data Usage by Android

Android devices in general consume less wireless data than laptops and netbooks: 1% of Androids consume over 2GB over Wi-Fi, compared to almost 50% of laptops.

Heavy users

Top 5% of Android Users consume half of Wi-Fi data, and the gap is growing.

Feb, 2012

WiFi usage: Top Android Smartphone models (by popularity)

Advanced Android devices consume more Wi-Fi data.

Feb, 2012

The 10 most popular Android models among WeFi users (from about 100 different models) exhibit difference in WiFi Consumption. While the most popular device is the Galaxy S, records less than 100 MB of Wi-Fi data usage by nearly 80% of users, the other Galaxy models show increase in Wi-Fi data usage, with about 50% of users who use less than 100 MB on Wi-Fi. Other models, like the Sony Ericson Experia also show increase in their Wi-Fi usage.

WiFi usage: Top Android Tablet models (by popularity)

The 3 most popular Android tablets among WeFi users also exhibit difference in WiFi Consumption

Feb, 2012

Android smart phones Vs. Tablets

Feb, 2012

Android tablet users use more data than smartphones. While 30% of Android smart phone users use more than 100 MB on WiFi, 50% of Android tablet users use less than 100 MB on WiFi. Generally Tablets consumes more data then smart phones

Android tablets

Android smartphones

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