Hundreds of Millions of Wi-Fi Hotspots and counting

What is WeFi?

Who doesn't like a good Wi-Fi connection these days? Why? Because it's free! Sometimes, there are locations where there are just too many open hotspots out there and you don't know how to choose one. Which one is the strongest? Which one is the safest? That's where WeFi comes in and saves the day.

WeFi app eliminates the need of manually selecting and trying out every WiFi networks. Instead, Through WeFi, you're Wi-Fi enabled device will automatically locate a strong Wi-Fi spot and connect you to it, no questions asked.

Worry free hotspot database updates! With WeFi you automatically contribute to the largest free Wi-Fi network, built by people like you.

WeFi currently has more than 100 million Wi-Fi spots in our database which gives you a wide selection of free Wi-Fi to choose from!

Please help us improve, suggestion and comments are very welcomed.

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