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WeANDSF™ Deployment

WeANDSF is a carrier-grade state of the art, patented technology solution. The WeANDSF solution follows the 3GPP standards framework, enhancing the ANDSF standard.

The WeANDSF solution includes an enabling server - in-network or managed cloud service by WeFi, end-user device clients (including API for 3rd-party connection managers or VPN clients) and access to WeFi's Global Database.

Solution Components

WeANDSF client software

WeANDSF client software is installed on all UEs (smartphone, tablet or laptop), or 3rd-party Connection Managers API. The client software provides the user with superior connectivity and better User Experience

  • Smart automatic best connection mechanism - WeFi facilitate connection to preferred network (cellular, WIMAX and Wi-Fi technology) based on predefined quality criteria. selective connection to Wi-Fi (for offloading or congestion) based on operator policy and subscriber preference made transparent.
  • Personalisation: Adapt to the user connectivity habits. The client is flexible and dynamic, it learns the user selections and adapts connectivity accordingly.
  • Clear connection states and required action eliminating the need to the user to manually mange connections.
  • Simpler log-on process - Many Wi-Fi networks require additional log-on steps before providing Internet access (full data connectivity). WeFi client assists users with the additional log-on process making the connecting flow much smoother and clearer to the user.

WeANDSF Server

A central relay for two way client information updates. management update including: settings, policies, performance history, client notifications and client software management. On the other way, the WeANDSF server receives activity and measurements reports.

WeANDSF Management Console

Central management point that allows the operator to control, monitor and analyze the mobile device's connectivity behavior. This interface includes provisioning interfaces, operation setting, connectivity policy tools, customer care information and statistic and reports.

The Management Console offers:

  • Tools for defining Connectivity Policies
  • Historical Analysis & Stats
  • KPI Reporting tools

WeANDSF Database & Analytics

Central database and data intelligence module serves as the WeANDSF knowledge management point. Facilitating better connection decisions based upon collected and analyzed data. Data includes: historical performance information, congested areas and user preferences, additionally WeFi holds the world's largest ever-growing database of qualified Wi-Fi hotspots.

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