Hundreds of Millions of Wi-Fi Hotspots and counting

WeANDSF™ Advanced Learning Machine

The WeANDSF is a flexible and dynamic System - continuously Improving over time, the solution utilizes client data to make the dynamic real-time decisions, driven by Advanced Learning Machine and Data intelligence Algorithms.

The operator defines a policy that represents business and operational needs, using a configurable policy-based mechanism that takes in account a range of weighted factors, such as networks type technology and authenticity, business relationships with networks operators (e.g. roaming agreements) for all networks in the user’s location, user’s plan, real-time and historical network performance parameters. Policy information is transmitted to the mobile clients, when the client needs to make a connection decision it senses the real-time network status and integrate it with the policy setting and historical measurements, providing the end user with connection to the best available network.

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